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April 7, 2015

Stephanie McMahon Off WWE TV For Up To A Month?

It was noted on last night's WWE RAW that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were absent because they were on a tropical vacation somewhere with no cell reception.

Stephanie could be off WWE TV for up to 4-5 weeks if reports of her being overseas with the Eisenhower Fellows Multi Nation Program are true.

We noted back in October 2014 that Stephanie was announced as a 2015 Eisenhower Fellow with 8 other executives from around the world.

Beginning April 5th, the Eisenhower Fellows in the MNP program were scheduled to go on a 4-5 week trip visiting one or two countries that they selected from a list of 42 potential destinations, including Australia, India, Nigeria, Bangladesh and others. We don't know for sure that Stephanie is on the Eisenhower Fellows trip, however Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that it was scheduled to begin April 5th so the dates do match up.

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