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April 14, 2015

Taz Currently At Odds With TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling announcer Taz appears to be at odds with the company, according to a report from PWInsider.com.

According to the report, Taz was supposed to attend a voice-over session this past Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee in order to record commentary for several weeks of Impact Wrestling tapings. However, Taz reportedly refused to fly to Nashville from New York, and the main factor is said to be the ongoing pay issues that have been plaguing TNA Wrestling as of late.

Taz has since removed any and all references to TNA Wrestling from his official Twitter page, and PWInsider.com further states that one of their sources declined to comment when they were asked about Taz's current relationship with the company.

In regards to the recording of commentary, it's being reported that Josh Mathews handled the duties himself in regards to the episode of Impact Wrestling that will air this coming Friday on Destination America; however, it was also noted that this could end up changing due to TNA Wrestling having until Thursday to hand the show over to the network.

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