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April 17, 2015

TNA Reportedly Experiencing More Issues With Pay

According to a report by Brian Fritz of the Sporting News, it seems as if TNA Wrestling is experiencing more pay issues, fueling the fire to rumors of talent getting late checks over the past several weeks.

The story says that several freelance workers have stated that TNA is behind on paying several members of the production staff. It was also said that those workers were shorted on past checks.

The back pay stems from the One Night Only tapings, which took place over two months ago. The accounting department told an employee that checks were made out almost two weeks ago, but nobody has received them.

We also heard similar complaints from one member of the production crew.

We spoke to Matt Hardy earlier in the week, who said the following regarding the TNA pay rumors:

"If someone has an issue with pay, I feel like it needs to be directed to the office and handled there. It sucks and it's unfortunate that a story like that spreads and puts a stain on Impact Wrestling, who are doing a lot of positive things right now. TNA has been extraordinary to me, nothing but professional. They even gave me time off at the last TV tapings to fulfill a commitment I had for 8 months, when they needed me at TV. That shows how professional they were to the boys. It's nowhere near as bad as what people are saying."

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