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May 6, 2015

Chris Jericho Reveals His WWE Return, Why He's Working Live Events, Update on His WWE Podcast

Chris Jericho revealed on the latest episode of his Talk Is Jericho podcast that he will be working WWE live events this summer. Jericho will be working 19 live events in June, July and August.

Jericho noted that he will not be working TV or pay-per-view events on this run but could return to those events soon. Jericho said he's only working live events this run because he still has some Fozzy touring to do and some family vacations to go on this summer. Jericho said he is very excited to return to WWE and work with some of the newer talents. He said he pretty much already knows who he's going to be working with and will be revealing that soon. Jericho's dates are as follows:

* June 12: Springfield, Illinois
* June 13: Terre Haute, Indiana
* June 20: Las Vegas
* June 27: Boston
* June 28: Reading, Pennsylvania
* July 2: Singapore
* July 3: Tokyo
* July 4: Tokyo
* July 10: Philadelphia
* July 11: Pittsburgh
* July 31: San Diego
* August 1: Ontario
* August 2: Fresno, California
* August 15: Detroit
* August 16: East Lansing, Michigan
* August 21: Bridgeport Connecticut
* August 22: White Plains, New York
* August 29: San Juan, Puerto Rico
* August 30: Tallahassee, Florida

Jericho also revealed that due to how busy he is, there won't be another live WWE Network podcast for a while.

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