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May 29, 2015

Kevin Owens Talks Developing A Relationship With Triple H, Importance Of John Cena Match, RAW Debut

The Whig has a good interview with Kevin Owens, who talked about facing John Cena at Elimination Chamber this Sunday. Below are a few highlights:

Debuting on RAW a couple of weeks ago:

"It felt great. It was a surreal moment. Really surreal. (It was) something I've waited for for so long."

Working with Triple H:

"I feel like I've developed a bit of a relationship with Hunter throughout these last few months. It goes beyond the ring. We'll talk about our kids, we'll talk about life. He's very good to me. To have him take time out of a very busy day, he's busy on Raw, and he took the time to tell me to just make sure you are who you are. And I know that's kind of the advice he gives everyone, but to hear it from him, it really means something because 'Make sure you stay who you are' means that who I am, he's got faith in. That's a big thing."

How big his match with John Cena is this Sunday at Elimination Chamber:

"There's no denying how big it is. There's not a whole lot of people that walk into WWE, show up on Raw, lay out the top guy in the industry for the last 10 years and get to wrestle him two weeks later at a major event like Elimination Chamber, but I get to do that. That will literally never be taken away from me, no matter what happens from here on out."

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