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May 13, 2015

Rumor Mill - Dixie Carter Holds Talent Meeting at Impact Tapings, Instructs Talent to “Pay No Mind” to Viewership Information

According to PWInsider.com, TNA President Dixie Carter held a meeting at this past weekend’s Impact Wrestling tapings and instructed talent not to believe what they might read on internet websites where it concerns ratings and viewership information.

Dixie claimed ratings data exists which internet sites are not privy to, but are available to people like her. She claimed when websites publish TNA ratings data, the sites are not including the information with the West Coast numbers, but rather we post the data that comes from Nielsen. Dixie also pointed out that websites don’t report on the +.3 or +.7 DVR numbers, as some fans watch Impact broadcasts on days other than Friday.

Dixie added the numbers are better than they appear to be, and instructed talent to “pay no mind” to what the internet reports.

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