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May 20, 2015

Rumor Mill - Eric Bischoff Suing TNA, Alleging Missed And Late Payments, TNA Responds, More Details

According to ProWrestling.net Eric Bischoff, his son Garett and business partner Jason Hervey have filed a lawsuit against TNA for breach of contract. PW.net reports that the suit was filed on May 15th in Davidson County, Tennessee and claims that the company owes them $114,500.02.

The report says that Eric Bischoff and Hervey are listed under their production company, and are alleging that they were hired on a "pay or play" deal. They, and Garett say that TNA paid them on time until the end of September, and that Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment informed TNA of a breach in the contract on November 4th due to a failure to pay in October. A second notice was issued on November 24th. TNA eventually paid $101,500 before 2015, but the company is still looking for the same amount for the last three months of their contract, which expired on March 31st.

Garett Bischoff was a part of the company's first deal with the company before signing his own contract with TNA on October 24th. His contract included $2,166.67 monthly on what was called a "pay or play" deal, in addition to $500 for paid performances. His deal also expired on March 21st and claims that TNA still owes him over $13,000.

TNA supposedly issued a response on January 12th, claiming that they had paid Bischoff-Hervey in full, which Bischoff-Hervey disagreed with. Bischoff-Hervey's attorney Bryan Lewis told TNA's attorney, "When the money was sent, you did not make it clear whether it was in connection with the settlement offer that was on the table or a reinstatement by TNA," reads the letter from Lewis. "TNA did not make a request that Bischoff-Hervey perform services when the money was sent. Bischoff-Hervery Entertainment stands ready, willing, and able to perform under the agreement in the event TNA is reinstating that agreement."

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