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May 20, 2015

Samoa Joe Makes WWE Debut at NXT Takeover

Samoa Joe made his shocking WWE debut at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable.

During the show’s main event, NXT Champion Kevin Owens brutally assaulted challenger Sami Zayn following a pop-up powerbomb on the ring apron. Medics and officials tended to the fallen Superstar, but the champion continues his assault for several minutes, including a knee to the back of the head and a barrage of stiff right hands.

When Owens attempted to beating back into the ring, NXT General Manager William Regal rushed down and physically attempted to stop him, but was thrown from the fray and the assault continued. When a steel chair was brought into the ring, Samoa Joe made his surprise entrance from the locker room and backed down the 265-pound champion, allowing medics to finally check on an unconscious Sami Zayn.

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