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May 7, 2015

Samoa Joe Talks About Being Interested In Signing With WWE, Proving Himself There, More

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe recently spoke with Jim Ross on his Ross Report podcast. The full interview can be heard at this link. Ross asked Joe about signing with WWE and Joe said he is very much interested in joining the company. He called it the "unchallenged challenge of his career."

It should be noted that the interview was recorded before WrestleMania 31. Joe confirmed people from WWE had reached out but called it informal and said nothing was set in stone. Since then, we've heard that Joe actually met with Triple H in Orlando and could be starting with NXT as early as June. Joe did not confirm this in the interview.

Joe said he would be open to a trial in NXT or a straight shot to the main roster. Joe talked about how he's never been wanted in any company he worked for but got work by proving himself. He added that if he has to start in WWE as an unwanted entity and prove himself, then that is what he's going to do.

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