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June 12, 2015

Bill DeMott Defends His Training Methods, Says He Wasn't Trying To Break His Students

Former NXT head trainer Bill DeMott was at the center of controversy three months ago, amid accusations of bullying among several former talents. DeMott appeared on this week's Talk Is Jericho to defend his methods of training and said it was to mentally and physically prepare the stars of the future.

"If you can make it in NXT, then you're prepared for what the WWE is. From two hours of sleep and being at media calls at 4AM to driving 500 miles. Some of them drive to Lakeland and want the next day off. You think to yourself, 'we can't let that happen,'" explained DeMott.

DeMott elaborated and stated that the way that he handled training at NXT was all a part of his job. He said that he wasn't trying to break his students, he was trying to give them a taste of what they would later see in WWE.

"You're gonna go from Buffalo to Wilkes-Barre, make the drive, you're going to have a meeting at 6AM, still make your RAW call time, and then sit in front of Stephanie (McMahon), Triple H, Vince, Paul Heyman; the guys that are up there on top that have that work ethic. You're either gonna hang, or you're not. It's not to break you down, it's to prepare you," DeMott said.

DeMott goes on to talk about more aspects of the job and the rest of his career. You can check out the full episode of Talk is Jericho at this link.

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