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June 22, 2015

Chyna Wants To Meet With Triple H And Vince McMahon

After a media tour which seems to have backfired, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Chyna posted the video above in which she pleads with Triple H and Vince McMahon to meet with her to make amends.

"I have gone to WWE offices to try to get a meeting to discuss these issues personally with Hunter and Vince, and I would really like to open the dialogue, and have an audience with them to make that happen. Hunter and Vince, may I please have a meeting so we can make amends and bury the hatchet?," she said.

It's worth noting that Chyna has accused Triple H of assaulting her during numerous appearances, something that Triple H has vehemently denied. Chyna's ex-boyfriend Sean "X-Pac" Waltman also said that she admitted to him the accusations were false. In the video, she called her time with WWE the "best in her life."

"Regarding my relationship with WWE and Hunter - those were the best days of my life. Wonderful opportunities, and I'm very grateful (for) those days, which is why I'm so passionate about being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame," she said.

Chyna also noted that she wanted to clear the air regarding the issues that have been brought up. Chyna has been pushing a Kickstarter to produce a documentary about her "reconstruction." Thus far the Kickstarter has earned over $4,000.

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