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June 8, 2015

New Rumors on a Physical WWE Hall of Fame

There have been many rumors about a physical WWE Hall of Fame over the past few years and we reported back in January 2014 via The New York Post that NBCUniversal was considering a physical WWE hall for Universal Studios in Orlando as part of their pitch to keep WWE on their networks. It's been reported that Triple H has been very interested in a WWE museum for the Hall and now there are new rumors of the project being hosted in the Orlando area.

Universal Studios announced this week that they are closing NBA City at Universal CityWalk in Orlando as they chose not to renew the lease several months back. They are planning on announcing a new concept soon as NBA City shuts down in August.

Theme park website BehindTheThrills.com reports that rumors of the new concept include a Cheesecake Factory restaurant, a Universal movie set themed restaurant and a WWE Hall of Fame restaurant. These are just rumors for now but it would be interesting to see WWE get back into the restaurant business.

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