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June 1, 2015

Steve Austin On What He Likes About NXT, Says Monday Night RAW Is 'Dumbed Down'

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin has had an up and down relationship with WWE since debuting with the company in late 1995. While he'll be hosting another edition of his acclaimed podcast on the WWE Network tonight, he was still quick to offer his candid thoughts about the current WWE product. He spoke about some of his issues with Raw on his own podcast last week.

In particular, Austin pointed out that he thinks Raw insults the intelligence of the viewer because they don't leave anything to the imagination. He feels like the main roster show has been dumbed down and portrayed as if nobody has ever watched wrestling before.

"It's [NXT] simple, it's to the point. It's not dumbed down like Monday Night Raw," Austin said. "On Monday Night Raw it's like they want to fill in every blank for you. It's like wrestling for morons. They've overthought it."

Austin noted that comparing the show isn't necessarily fair, since Raw is a three hour program and NXT is one hour. Still, Austin said that he enjoyed the way that NXT is laid out because there isn't much wasted motion during the broadcast.

"It's a one hour show, I get it. I like the format of the NXT show," Austin said.

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