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June 28, 2015

Tough Enough Contestant Talks Coming Out On The Show

ABC affiliate WPVI-TV in Philadelphia, PA has a story about Tough Enough contestant Daria Berenato, who came out as gay on the show. Berenato talked about coming out on the show.

"That was not planned," Berenato said. "That was not thought about. I didn't even consider it, to be honest. I did talk to my girlfriend before I left in California and I said, 'Hey if it comes up, do you mind if I tell the truth?' She was like, 'Absolutely tell the truth.' [But] I didn't sit down and think, 'Oh, how can I make the judges like me? Let me tell them I'm a lesbian.' I would never artificially plan like that. It wasn't premeditated. I think that's what made the moment so special.

"I've gotten so much generosity and so much love so far. People from all kinds of LGBT organizations reaching out saying, 'what you did was amazing, thank you for representing our families,' and that kind of stuff. I just couldn't be happier with the way it worked out. I never could have planned such an epic moment."

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