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June 13, 2015

Video: Triple H reveals the WWE Performance Center Tough Enough Barracks

In the video above, Triple H gives a tour of the WWE Performance Center Tough Enough barracks, where the 13 finalists will be staying at while the show goes on. He notes they will be there for the next 10-12 weeks.

Triple H commented:

"We could put you in a nice mansion, make it luxurious and all that but it's supposed to be about being Tough Enough so we don't want to pamper people too much. So what we've come up with is the WWE Performance Center Tough Enough barracks."

"This is about kind of making due and I think that in some way through a contest like Tough Enough they're bypassing the kind of paying your dues and to me this is kind of fast-tracking that a little bit. Sleeping in a not so comfortable place, not so comfortable surroundings, seeing if you're Tough Enough and if you really want to do this."

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