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July 10, 2015

Big Show: STOP BLAMING WWE FOR DEATHS Vince Takes Care Of Us

WWE superstar Big Show says Doink the Clown's family is WRONG to go after the WWE for the wrestler's death ... claiming Vince McMahon does EVERYTHING he can to protect the talent.

The 7-footer was out in L.A. when we asked about the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the mother of Doink's children -- which claims Doink's life spiraled out of control due to concussions he suffered in the ring.

"I think that everybody who steps through those ropes knows what could possibly happen," Big Show says.

"You gotta accept that responsibility as a talent if you step those ropes, whether you're a boxer, ultimate fighter or sports entertainer."

Big Show says he has nothing but good things to say about the WWE -- adding, "I've seen how much they've gone above and beyond to take care of the talent and do everything they can where no one ever did that before."

source: tmz.com

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