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July 5, 2015

Chyna Talks About The Last Time She Saw Triple H And What Happened During Her Trip To WWE Headquarters

Wrestlinginc.com recently spoke to Chyna about her new documentary The Reconstruction of Chyna, not being in the WWE Hall of Fame, winning the Intercontinental Championship and more. The full interview will be posted at Wrestling Inc. this week. During the interview, Chyna revealed that she has not spoken to Triple H or Vince McMahon since leaving WWE in 2001, although she did see Triple H when he picked up Sean Waltman to take him to rehab.

"The day Stephanie [McMahon] and Vince booked me at TV, it was like the Red Sea," Chyna said of her last day with the company. "Hunter never spoke to me. The only time I ever spoke to Hunter again, which wasn't really speaking again, was when he physically came to pick Sean Waltman up for rehab. He just showed up outside my door one day. I was incredibly surprised to see him, but I don't think we even spoke two words. I don't believe I could have spoken two words, either."

As noted, Chyna recently visited WWE headquarters as part of the documentary. She discussed why she made the trip to their office.

"We're documenting all of that. But really, I'd like to meet with them. I've repeatedly called and wrote and will continue to do so until I get that sit-down meeting. Personal reasons, financial reasons, contractual—let's see what's going on. I need to know."

Despite making the trip, she admitted that she was ultimately turned away.

"We were abruptly turned away," she said. "It was as cold as ice in there. I went to take the picture, then we're told to basically take our stuff and leave. They weren't having any of it. [It was] definitely an icy atmosphere."


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