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July 14, 2015

Global Force Wrestling Will Feature Four Divisions; Tournaments Announced to Crown New Champions in Las Vegas

Global Force Wrestling has announced that it will feature four unique divisions when the promotion heads to Las Vegas later this month for its first ever television taping. Additionally, four tournaments will kick off on July 24th at the Orleans Arena to crown the inaugural champions.

GFW Global Championship: This will be the company’s perceived top prize, defending all over the planet against names from anywhere in the world, making it a true “world championship”.

GFW Women’s Championship: The company will be looking to bring in the top female wrestlers from around the globe to create the ultimate women’s division.

GFW Tag Team Championship: Let’s be honest…how long before the Young Bucks have won these?

GFW NEX*GEN Championship: This is a division specifically set up to bring a focus to the “stars of tomorrow”. Up-and-coming names from all around the world will battle for a chance to make a name for themselves, providing the fans with a chance to acquaint themselves with fresh faces.

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