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July 24, 2015

Hulk Hogan’s lawyer: If Gawker leaked my client’s transcript ‘we will bury them’

Hulk Hogan and WWE announced they had cut ties on Friday after a transcript from a 2006 video in which he freely used the “n-word” was leaked.

The transcript was contained in a sealed deposition that is part of a $100 million lawsuit Hogan filed against the gossip site Gawker for posting online a video of him having sex with a friend’s ex-wife. The sex video in question is the same recording on which he made the leaked racist statements.

Hogan has refused to settle with Gawker, and the lawsuit will likely go to trial later this year. Originally set for July 6, the trial was postponed earlier this month after the 2nd District Court of Appeals filed a proceeding regarding trial rules, stating that some of the defense motions were filed too close to its scheduled start date.

The timing of the leak has at least one person suspicious: Hogan’s lawyer, David Houston.

“I have my suspicions, as you can imagine,” Houston told FOX411. “If I can find out it is Gawker who leaked the transcripts, we will bury them.”

Gawker President and General Counsel Heather Dietrick denied the site had anything to do with the leak.

source: foxnews.com

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