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July 15, 2015

Potential Legal Issue Leads to TNA Dropping Wrestler & Causes Massive Changes to Impact Wrestling TV Series

An issue between TNA and Lucha Underground has led to a number of planned TNA TV segments being pulled from upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling, storylines being dropped and one recent TNA signing being dropped from the company, PWInsider.com has learned

At the center of the controversy with Shawn Hernandez, who recently returned to TNA and became part of the Beat Down Clan after appearing on the first season of Lucha Underground on The El Rey Network.

TNA sources indicate that Hernandez was signed to a deal by the company after informing TNA that contractually, he was free and clear to do so. After Hernandez made a number of appearances at TNA TV tapings, Lucha Underground approached TNA and informed them that contractually, Hernandez was still their talent, signed to their series and that he was not released from his obligations to their promotion, therefore he could not legally appear on TNA broadcasts.

As you might imagine, this put TNA into a legally actionable position where they could be sued. With Impact Wrestling already pre-filmed well in advance as well, it put the company into a terrible situation where their storylines, which are worked out well in advance, would be useless.

I am told that TNA management attempted to work out an agreement with Lucha Underground that would allow the existing footage to be used, including offering to pay Underground for Hernandez' appearances. We are told that Underground turned down all those attempts. Given that the producers of the Lucha series come from a film and TV background, I was not surprised to hear that.

Since TNA cannot use the footage, the decision was made to pull anything involving the BDC. As of today, all of the current BDC storylines are completed and done as it would be impossible to edit around Hernandez.

I am told that starting tonight, TNA will be replacing those matches and vignettes with existing material, including some matches from the TNA Slammiversary PPV from a few weeks ago. TNA also intends to film material at their Orlando TV Tapings later this month that they can drop into the segments that are no longer available to be used.

The matches and segments that were filmed are (for now at least) completely scrapped and TNA will re-edit all of their TV.

Hernandez, obviously, is gone from TNA and he is now in a position where he's losing work as TNA wanted to use him and cannot. Lucha Underground is still working to finance a potential second season, so Hernandez is now stuck off TV until they pick up production again.

As far as the rest of the BDC, MVP, Kenny King, etc. are also effectively be off those TV episodes until TNA can get new material with those talents. So, through no fault of their own, a number of TNA talents are now off television suddenly until TNA can work them back in while talents who wrestled them also find their matches yanked.

Obviously, the TNA editing team has their work ahead of them.

source: pwinsider.com

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