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July 24, 2015

Several Specials Revealed For 'Kliq Week' On The WWE Network, Kicking Off After Monday's RAW

As noted, next week on the WWE Network will be "Kliq Week" to promote the upcoming "Kliq Rules" DVD and Blu-ray set that comes out on Tuesday. Below is the current line-up:

* Monday after RAW: 30-minute sneak peek at "The Kliq Rules" DVD. The description reads like this:

"A First Look to watch exclusive content from WWE Home Video's latest release, The KLIQ Rules!"

* Tuesday at 10pm EST: 30-minute "The Kliq: Behind The Curtain" special. The description reads like this:

"Triple H, HBK, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman reunite in this revealing look at the most dominant group in WWE history, The KLIQ!"

* Wednesday at 9pm EST: 90-minute "The Kliq Moments and Matches" special. The description reads like this:

"Relive the sweetest moments and matches in KLIQ history, and hear never before told tales from the men themselves in this retrospective."

* Thursday after SmackDown: 30-minute "Kevin Nash: Too Sweet" special. The description reads like this:

"Celebrate the career of Big Daddy Cool as WWE cameras follow Kevin Nash during his 2015 Hall of Fame induction."

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