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July 30, 2015

WWE Announces Plans for an NXT Reality Show, New Network Content, More Austin Podcasts, OnDemand Content and More

Along with today’s second quarter financial earnings report, WWE announced the company has plans to add about 180 hours of original content to the WWE Network.

Those plans include the following new shows:

-A reality show for NXT as the NXT Superstars try to make it to WWE’s main roster

-A show called Table 3, which gives viewers a seat at the table with Superstars and Divas

-A studio show highlighting current events in the world of WWE and beyond

-New episodes of WWE 24, The WWE Live and Steve Austin’s podcast

-On Demand additions include The RAW Attitude Era Part 2: Austin/McMahon, WCW Nitro: Accelerating The War and The 20th Anniversary of WCW Monday Nitro

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