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July 22, 2015

WWE Reportedly Nixes Plans to Bring Big Name in For NXT Appearance Due to Him Appearing on TNA TV

According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE wanted to bring Bully Ray in for the May 15th NXT Live Event which took place in Philadelphia.

WWE knew Bully Ray would get a big pop from the Philly crowd, but after he appeared on the May 8th edition of Impact Wrestling to referee a match between Kurt Angle and Eric Young, WWE nixed the idea to use Bully. The role went to Tommy Dreamer instead, and he ended up working an NXT match against Baron Corbin.

Despite recently returning to TNA as the new authority figure on Impact Wrestling, Bully Ray is still pushing for one last run in WWE with his tag team partner Devon. In a recent interview with The Fight Network, Ray said he thinks him and Devon are in their best shape

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