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August 4, 2015

Paige And Steve Austin On Who Started The Divas Revolution, More

Austin brings up Triple H being a big influence on her and she says he's been a huge influence. She went through a stage where she had bad luck - a car wreck, surgery, had to be out of action for 3 months, her bank account got hacked and her dog got hit by a car. She was ready to go back home but Triple H worked with her and soon after she made history by winning the NXT Women's Title. She says the whole Divas Revolution really was started by Triple H. The next Twitter question asks if Paige she thinks she started it. Triple H was the one who started it with NXT. She brings up AJ Lee and says she looked up to her. She talks about how surprised they were when Triple H gave she and Emma 20 minutes at the first NXT special. She says he started it but her and Emma got the ball rolling. She says they opened the door for other Divas like Charlotte and Bayley but she gives huge props to trainer Sara Del Rey. She also gives props to Finlay and Dean Malenko, who she goes to a lot these days...More?

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