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August 29, 2015

Paul Heyman Praises Corey Graves and Compares Him To UFC Commentator, Talks ECW and NXT Comparisons, What Makes NXT Unique, More

Sam Roberts Live featured Paul Heyman , who gave his thoughts on Corey Graves and his duties within WWE.

“Corey gets the whole roster over and that’s the key,” Heyman said. “The job that he’s doing is so phenomenal that sooner than later, we’re going to say that Joe Rogan is the Corey Graves of UFC.”

According to Heyman, ECW was all about showcasing professional wrestling styles that were new and progressive and tomorrow”, which is what NXT is about”.

Paul Heyman stated that “it was always what we didn’t have.” He compares having too many of similar style wrestlers and says he was always looking to do something different.

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