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August 31, 2015

TNA Announces Wrestler Has Been Arrested

TNA issued the following on Bram, who was previously married to WWE Diva Charlotte:

Bram Arrested in Florida, Suspended Indefinitely

TNA has been advised by the Gulfport, Florida Police Department that Thomas Latimer, known as Bram, has been arrested and charged with two felony counts of domestic battery and false imprisonment. TNA is working to gather facts and obtain additional information related to the arrest.

"The charges against Thomas Latimer are serious, and he is immediately and indefinitely suspended from any future TNA-sanctioned events awaiting the outcome of the case," said TNA Executive Vice President of Television and Talent John Gaburick.

Apparently Charlotte and Bram split earlier this summer. Latimer married Ashley Fliehr, a.k.a. WWE Diva Charlotte, in 2013. The couple is reportedly no longer married, and the incident didn't involve her. Latimer had been dating Ashley Allen, who was pushing Bram merchandise up until last week on Twitter.

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