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August 1, 2015

UFC President Dana White fires up fans and pro wrestlers

UFC President Dana White, in responding to a tweet from a wrestling fan who wanted to watch UFC 190 and noted how WWE PPV events are only $9.99, stated that he understood and added, "but fake sh*t should be $9.99." The fan then told White to try out some time and still use the term fake to which White responded, "Not disrespecting what they do. All the WWE guys I have met are awesome people but yes it's fake."

This fired up a number of wrestling fans with the comments making the rounds, sending many tweets White's way including those within the wrestling industry.

Seth Rollins: "Guys, cut @danawhite some slack. I mean he's had a million matches, so his opinion is super valid and should be taken as gospel."

Taz: "What's fake & what's predetermined? @danawhite my body is busted up from that "fake shit" - u think u train less?"

Bully Ray: "Good thing you had "FAKE" @BrockLesnar in @ufc to be your biggest PPV draw of all time. .@danawhite Sir, "do the right thing" and apologize to THE industry that laid the groundwork for YOUR industry. Have a great show tonight."

MVP: "Money doesn't buy class Dana."

Jeremy Borash: "Legit cancelled my UFC buy for tonight. Instead sending $50 to @NikBali, a UK wrestler paralyzed during a fake wrestling match. @danaWhite."

Bull Dempsey: "Hey @danawhite, come to the @WWEPerformCtr & see what we do EVERYDAY & tell me it's fake. Send your "ultimate" fighters too. How dare you."

White then wrote the following early Sunday morning to a fan.

"I pissed off wrestling fans? I respect wrestling and the people who do it. I was just responding to an idiot. It was a joke."

The comments didn't seem to phase WWE's Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon as she tweeted out a photo with Triple H and trainer Joe DeFranco wearing Ronda Rousey t-shirts, a tweet that Dana White later retweeted following Rousey's knockout win on Saturday night.

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