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August 31, 2015

WWE Performance Center Shooting Press Conference: WWE Employees Questioned, More On Suspect

Orange County police hosted a news conference about the shooting that took place this afternoon outside of the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

Here is everything we know so far:

* Local news are saying the man in question, who was banned from appearing on WWE property, was confronted by OCPD and shot after the situation turned violent. We are still awaiting the beginning of the news conference for more information.

* WWE employees were being questioned after the incident.

* Police responded to an incident at a "semi-professional NXT wrestling organization" at 1:30PM ET.

* The man was apparently obsessed with one of the female talents working at the Performance Center. He had recently been arrested and banned from appearing on WWE property.

* Two OCPD deputies responded to the scene and had been told he had a knife. The man began to charge the officers, who retreated "75 to 100 feet backwards" before firing a shot to take down the attacker.

* The man was rushed to the hospital with "a life threatening injury" and is currently in surgery.

* The man has an arrest record, with history of robbery and battery against an officer in the past.

* The officers were in street clothes, with OCPD vests, and gave the subject instructions and multiple warnings, and attempted to retreat from him before opening fire. Only one round was fired. It was not clear whether or not he had a weapon, but the officers had been told he possessed a knife when being called to the scene.

* Corporal Steve Wahl and Deputy Dave Richardson were the two officers at the scene. Wahl fired the shot. At this time OCPD cannot release the name of the man in question.

* There is no indication that the man was a wrestler, or had any relationship with any of the wrestlers at the WWE Performance Center.

* When asked why the officer did not use his taser to take down the attacker, the officer noted that the incident happened very quickly, there was the possibility of a weapon being involved, and officer Wahl made the decision he thought was necessary at the time.

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