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September 24, 2015

Finn Balor Says NXT Is Getting A WrestleMania Weekend Show, Says He Might Not Want To Be On Mania

Finn Balor has had a pretty quick ascension to the top of NXT. Despite his huge success around the world and in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Balor was back wrestling in front of a few dozen people just a year ago.

The growth of NXT is something he says he holds close to his heart, as he's witnessed it all first hand. Balor talked to Title Match Wrestling last week about how the show has exploded in just the past year or two.

"For a lot of the boys at NXT, we feel like we've captured lightning in a bottle. A year ago we were wrestling in front of 30-40 people in Florida. Now we're in Texas and we're blowing the roof off," Balor said.

When asked about parlaying that success into a spot on WrestleMania 32, Balor said he wasn't that interested, and instead that NXT will have their own WrestleMania weekend show in Texas.

"A lot of us believe we're completely separate from what they're doing on the main roster, and some of us don't necessarily want to be on WrestleMania. We're going to have our own card, hopefully the night before. We'll sell out a building, and saying to the boys 'follow that.'," Balor said.

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