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September 27, 2015

ROH Bringing Back “Women Of Honor”

Ring of Honor announced they will be bringing back a new generation of the Women of Honor. The women will be brought back for the Reloaded tour starting this weekend. Below is the official announcement:

For over thirteen years, Ring of Honor has proudly showcased the best professional wrestling on the planet – period. Now the next generation of the Women of Honor is coming to the ROH RELOADED TOUR to show the world what they can do in an ROH ring! Following a precedent for excellence set by world caliber athletes like Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, McChif, and many more, these women are proud to represent the Women of Honor on September 25th in California, PA and September 26th in Lockport, NY.

On Friday the 25th right outside Pittsburgh, Mandy Leon and Taeler Hendrix are set to clash in an ROH ring! Leon has gained prominence among ROH fans for her work in the Inside ROH recaps you can catch every week during ROH TV, or watch any time on YouTube. Now Mandy Leon steps out of the studio and between the ropes to show what she learned at the ROH Dojo! Leon’s first Women of Honor match against the crafty Deonna Purrazzo has garnered views and attention from fans all over the planet, but she is no doubt prepared to follow it up with another Leonsault – and perhaps another win! Thanks to her place of prominence on every ROH broadcast, Mandy Leon is used to the pressures that come from standing in the spotlight. So while she may be relatively young in her professional wrestling career, this multi-talented broadcaster/athlete is far from intimidated by the huge challenge she faces on September 25th!

That challenge comes in the form of a woman who has very recently captured the attention of not just every single ROH fan, but also managerial sensation Truth Martini! Martini knows talent when he sees it. For him to place the HOT stamp of approval on Taeler Hendrix, he must be 110% confident in her talent and potential! Hendrix is a deceivingly cunning and powerful athlete, whose retro-inspired aesthetic lulls her opponents into a false sense of confidence! Hendrix’s unquestionable beauty and poise very often provoke her own opponents, and the opponents of her ringside charges, to be ensnared by her web. Once Hendrix follows up with one of her devastating kicks to the head, it’s over!

And on September 26th, Veda Scott was scheduled to square off against Cherry Bomb. Unfortunately, while competing recently, Cherry Bomb fractured her collarbone and will be out of action for the near future. Veda might count herself lucky for dodging Cherry THIS time, but ROH officials have confirmed that the in-demand star will be back in an ROH ring as soon as she’s healthy! Meanwhile, Veda Scott is an all-too-familiar face for ROH fans, who for the past 2 years have watched her “creative” disregard for the rules while advising her clients from ringside. But just like Hendrix, Scott is just as dangerous inside the ring as she is outside. She has developed a reputation for taking on both men and women, regardless of their size or experience advantage. But while Scott loudly insists she can bring the fight to absolutely anyone in the world, many have questioned if this brash overconfidence is going too far.

We’ll find out in Lockport when Veda Scott competes against SUMIE SAKAI! Sakai is a tenured veteran of professional wrestling who has competed around the world against some of the biggest stars of Japan and North America. Known for her quickness and agility, Sakai has been adding more grappling and submission-based fighting to her style, giving her an even more well rounded strategy. She is a familiar face to longtime ROH fans and a welcome addition to the WOMEN OF HONOR!

To get your tickets for the ROH RELOADED TOUR in California, PA on September 25th or Lockport on September 26th

Ring of Honor Wrestling
Friday, September 25, 2015
Convo Center at Cal U
250 University Avenue
California, PA 15419

Ring of Honor Wrestling
Saturday, September 26, 2015
Kenan Center
433 Locust Street
Lockport, NY 14094

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