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October 11, 2015

Alex Wright on Power Plant vs. Performance Center, Triple H, More

Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling sent this recap in.

Today get to know the man forever known as “Das Wunderkind” and join The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling’s unofficial “International Summit” with former WCW Superstar Alex Wright. You will experience the absolutely incredible story about how an injury led to Alex having an extremely frightening surgery that almost proved to be not only career threatening but also life threatening. On a lighter not however, John and Chad get to sit back and listen to Alex Wright’s story from being merely a young man in a foreign land tackling the politics of a crazy world known as World Championship Wrestling to his triumphant return home to Germany to build a wrestling legacy with a new crop of talent. Get ready to dance and get ready to feel the beat of Alex Wright.

Rumors that he helped "make" Triple H while they worked together in WCW:

"I wouldn't put it that way that I "teached" him wrestling. He was a great talent and I really enjoyed working with him. I knew he was going to make himself a big name in the world or sport of wrestling but not that he was going to be the boss. If I knew that I certainly would have kept in touch more then I did now. Actually, I met him last year and talked to him about a lot of stuff with my promotion and they invited me over to the WWE Performance Center to train their talent and also see how it is and I was very happy they invited me over."

The WCW Power Plant vs. The WWE Performance Center:

"When I was at the Power Plant it was just a factory hall where they just used to put the stuff like old rings and stuff that they would just keep that if they didn't use it they would put it in there and somewhere between all that stuff there were two or three rings. They didn't really have showers or stuff like that but you really cannot compare it to the WWE Performance Center. The Performance Center is really top notch and professional and you get treated very well and the trainers are really good. At the time in WCW they had good trainers too but it was just tougher. I had to run the ropes eight hours a day and my back was swollen and they still said well keep going. A lot of people threw up and it was so hard and in one side it makes you hard but in the other it was a little bit too hard. Sometimes you got the feeling they tried to break you."

Wanting the trainee to quit (WCW Power Plant) vs. how he teaches at his school, The Wright Stuff:

"That's really bad because you might lose good talent. My wrestling school is a school. You hear it in the word, I try to take the people that come to me and who want to learn pro wrestling and take them from that spot and watch the endurance level that they have or the experience level that they have and teach them from that point on. Of course I bring them to their physical borders but I never bring them over it. I try to get the most talent out of the interested wrestling people who come to my school. So then the market grown here and we have good talent."

Working veterans so young in his career:

"It was truly a dream come true. To work guys like Ric Flair and Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton and later on of course Dean, Eddie and Benoit and Regal it was every time I stepped in the ring I learned so much that I really enjoyed my time then. It's the best way to learn, being in the ring with a veteran who helps you and leads you through the match you will always learn something new. It was the best thing that could happen to me."

Working Brian Pillman and competing in the Super J Cup:

"It's very sad that he had to go so early. That was a shock for me and I think that was the first incident while I was in WCW where I was shocked about it being such a bad experience. But working wise he was really, really good. I actually went with Brian to New Japan for the Super J Cup and that was a real good time. That was pretty tough. Everybody who took part in that tournament was a top notch wrestler and I still at that time was only 21 and that is around the time that I met Malenko and Eddie over there. It was really hard and there were so many skilled wrestlers, very technical and a lot of impact with less entertainment but I really did enjoy it over there. I got two injuries but I had to pull through those six weeks."

Winning the WCW Cruiserweight Title:

"It's always nice to win a title. It shows that the company feels comfortable to put you in that kind of a position and it's a little thank you, it's very nice and of course I felt very good. I was not after the title, it's nice to have one but for me the priority was always to have a good match and try to entertain the people and doing my job. It didn't matter if I had a regular match or pay per view match I always tried to give 1000% in a match."

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