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October 7, 2015

Corey Graves' Announcement Revealed

The Corey Graves announcement he has been teasing is a new monthly column, "Stay Loud," for Alternative Press. Their website has details at this link. Graves appeared at the AP Music Awards this year to interview musicians and present the Album of the Year Award to Black Veil Brides. Graves commented to AP:

"In my life, there's only been one thing I've loved as much as wrestling, and that's music. Music has always played an essential role in the wrestling/sports entertainment world. From signaling the arrival of your favorite stars, to evoking raw, deep emotion in video packages, WWE wouldn't be what it is today without loud music. I grew up working in record stores and reading Alternative Press, and it's an honor for me to help bring these two worlds together in my new monthly column. Stay Loud!"

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