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October 6, 2015

Notes From Triple H's 'NXT TakeOver: Respect' Media Call: Finn Balor - TNA, Working With NJPW, Vince

Triple H conducted his usual NXT TakeOver media call this afternoon. You can check out several highlights below.

* Triple H was a little tardy getting to the call. He says that he was late due to wishing Bruno Sammartino a Happy Birthday.

* HHH says that the "Respect" theme for this week's TakeOver has a double meaning. It's for the women, as well as a tribute for a all of the respect the NXT roster has for the late Dusty Rhodes.

* Triple H expects this week's Sasha Bank vs. Bayley match to be better than the one in Brooklyn.

* He compares the demographic of NXT to punk rock and hip hop, and the WWE to pop music in that WWE gets a much wider demographic.

* He says he's more than open to speaking to New Japan Pro Wrestling and other promotions about bringing in talent like they did with Jushin Thunder Liger.

* HHH says that all of the Divas made the Divas revolution possible, not just one.

* Finn Balor sent Triple H the picture of him doing the "suck it" crotch chop outside TNA offices in Nashville and asked if he could post it on social media. Triple H approved because he thought it was funny and anyone who had an issue with it takes this all too seriously.

* Vince McMahon has no say about anything that goes on in NXT. He could overrule Triple H if he wanted but he never does. He claimed Vince told him he's looking forward to the Bayley vs. Banks match. Vince McMahon watched NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn and liked it.

* They debated calling the Bayley vs. Sasha Banks Iron Man match an "Iron Woman" match and Lita told them she thought it would be demeaning to do so.

* He likes the idea of Evolve as a feeder system.

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