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October 26, 2015

This Day In Wrestling History

Dan McLeod defeats Martin Burns in Chicago, Illinois, to win the American Heavyweight Title.
October 26, 1897

The Executioners (Killer Kowalski & John Studd) were stripped of the WWWF World Tag Team title when they had a third member (Nikolai Volkoff) participate in a title defense against Chief Jay Strongbow & Billy White Wolf in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Strongbow & White Wolf would go on to win the belts in a three team tournament with the Executioners and, ironically, Volkoff & Tor Kamata.
October 26, 1976

Sweet Brown Sugar defeats Ernie Ladd to win the Florida version of the NWA Southern Heavyweight Title in Lafayette, Louisiana.
October 26, 1979

Bret Hart announces his retirement from professional wrestling on his official website, ending his 23 year run in the business.
October 26, 2000

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