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November 22, 2015

Awesome Kong announces her retirement from pro wrestling

Kia Stevens, who WWE fans will remember as Kharma from a WWE run that was more build than action (but that did provide us with a cool Royal Rumble moment back in 2012), has informed Japanese fans that she will not be working an upcoming show in Korakuen Hall that she was scheduled to appear in on November 25.

According to the letter published in Japanese on-line that's because she will retire at age 38. Stevens, who is much better known by the name she worked under outside of WWE, Awesome Kong, states in the announcment that doctors suggested she hang up her boots. And because she doesn't feel she can perform at the level fans expect of her, she is following their suggestion.

Kong returned to TNA, where she's probably experienced the most success with two Knockouts titles and a run with the tag belts over her three years there from 2007 - 2010, earlier this year. Reports started circulating almost immediately that she was struggling with a bad back and other ailments accumulated throughout her career. Though she still made an impression with her natural charisma and knowing how to work a compelling match - especially with frequent rival Gail Kim - her ring work was noticeably effected by whatever injuries with which she was coping.

source: camelclutchblog.com

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