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November 20, 2015

Rumor Mill - Backstage News on the Controversial WWE RAW Angle with Paige and Charlotte, Was It Almost Nixed?

Regarding the controversial RAW ending with Paige and WWE Divas Champion Charlotte this week, where Paige took a shot at Charlotte's late brother Reid Flair, PWInsider reports that the idea to mention Reid was presented to Charlotte and she was able to give feedback on the angle, in terms of the verbiage she would use and the way the angle was being presented - as a way to give Charlotte some sympathy from the fans.

The original idea reportedly came from something Charlotte mentioned to WWE creative recently, about how her entire career is a tribute to Reid. Apparently some parts of the angle were dropped throughout the day and other parts evolved. Charlotte was not forced into the segment and was given time to prepare or give feedback during the day.

It was also noted that the angle was discussed a lot throughout the day and senior WWE creative members were against it. Some voiced their opinions to Vince McMahon, who ultimately made the call. There's talk that the angle was actually pulled before RAW went on the air but Vince made the decision to keep it on the show.

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