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November 17, 2015

Rumor Mill - Vince Russo Talks WWE Grooming Triple H Prior to WM 14 Due to Shawn Michaels’ Injury

Vince Russo has posted the latest edition of “Nuclear heat,” which you can watch below. During the video, he discusses having to deal with top stars getting injured and how WWE was grooming Triple H heading into WrestleMania 14, due to the fact that Shawn Michaels would be taking time off due to his back injury…

Heading into WrestleMania [14], we knew that Shawn Michaels was having back issues. We knew that it was only going to be a matter of time before Shawn Michaels was going to be put on the shelf. We didn’t know exactly when, but we knew that the time may come, so we might have to have a backup plan. So, if you go back and you look at all those Attitude Era shows, you will see how slowly but surely, in the background, we were building Triple H. We would give Triple H the mic. Triple H would talk before Shawn spoke. We were getting Triple H over. We were grooming Triple H to take the place of Shawn whenever he was going to leave.

In conjunction with [building Triple H], the New Age Outlaws were coming into their own because we knew we were going to marry the Outlaws to Triple H and Chyna and make them a force in the absence of Shawn Michaels. So, after a couple of weeks when you had DX going strong now, with this new group, all of a sudden, we forgot Shawn Michaels.”

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