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November 5, 2015

Steve Corino Talks ECW and NXT Comparisons, NXT vs ROH on Wednesday Nights, Triple H’s NXT Vision, More

On last week’s episode former ECW World Heavyweight Champion and current Ring of Honor commentator Steve Corino was the featured special guest. Steve spoke candidly with the hosts about his thoughts on NXT, the current WWE developmental system, all the independent pro wrestling options currently available to pro wrestling fans and more.

You can listen to Steve’s appearance starting at the 3:11 minute mark by clicking here. Some of his quotes have been transcribed below it:

On Ring of Honor and WWE NXT both airing on Wednesday nights:

SC: It’s such a nervous feeling because you always know that the NXT show is going to be so great. I think it puts the pressure on Ring of Honor to produce a great show because you know at 8 o’clock on the WWE Network you are going to get a wonderful, wonderful show every week from NXT. I think it just raises the bar for everybody and I think that’s what makes wrestling so much fun.

On WWE branching out and creating relationships with independent promotions:

SC: It just shows the genius of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The trusted people in the inner circle that know that the future of sports entertainment or pro wrestling, whatever you want to call it, is at NXT. Triple H at that having his finger on the pulse, and Stephanie too, of what’s going on. What going to be the future? They’re not afraid to ask an EVOLVE or a PWG or scouting Ring of Honor to see who is the future. There’s no such thing as too many guys that are going to make the WWE machine billionaires. You know what I mean? So, once again, it’s a great time for wrestling.

On if the comparisons between ECW and NXT are fair to make:

SC: I think on the surface, yes. It’s a different world now. When ECW was around it was an alternative. It was an alternative world. To where companies like NXT or Ring of Honor or PWG or EVOLVE or even CZW… it’s such a hybrid of what goes on today. Everybody that’s involved isn’t afraid to admit that, you know, wrestling’s changed. The world has changed and we have to change with the times. Where as ECW was kind of a trend setter for it. I just think that it’s a good comparison but I think the originality of what NXT and EVOLVE and Ring of Honor and all these great companies are doing is just setting the stage for a real break through.

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