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November 3, 2015

Wrestling Legend Signs New Deal With WWE

Wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer "Superstar" Billy Graham announced on Facebook that he has signed a WWE Legends contract after being offered the deal by Triple H. Graham attended last week's WWE TV tapings in Phoenix and met with Mark Carrano of Talent Relations to discuss the deal.

Graham has had several issues with WWE in the past, including speaking out against Linda McMahon during her 2010 Senate campaign. Soon after that, Graham had some health issues and reached out to the McMahons to apologize. Graham sent a letter to Vince McMahon this past summer and asked to take Dusty Rhodes' job in WWE NXT after he passed.

Graham wrote the following on Facebook:

"Hello Facebook fans around the world. I am thrilled to report to all of you that Triple H, via a telephone conversation, has offered to give me an official WWE Legends contract. I of course said yes, and thank you very much! I have received that contract, and signed and mailed it back to the WWE. So I am officially back in the WWE family, proving that miracles still happen !! I did go to the Smackdown show held here in Phoenix on October 27th, as some had reported on the internet. I met with WWE Talent Relations executive Mark Carrano to go over various opportunities for me in the future. Mark Carrano is a real class act and gentleman and was very encouraging on the future release of my WWE merchandise sometime after the first of the year, along with attending WrestleMaina 32 in Dallas as part of the meet and greet fan access festivities. So, I want to thank Triple H and Mark Carrano for making this exciting event happen for me. I am officially back home in the family of the WWE where I belong !!!!"

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