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December 11, 2015

Rumor Mill - Daniel Bryan Claims WWE Have Asked Him To Be An Announcer Or Trainer

Daniel Bryan claims he has been offered the chance to be an announcer, or trainer at the WWE Performance Center.

The four-time World Champion’s future has been up in the air in recent times, with WWE’s medical teams refusing to allow him to get back into the ring – even though he has been given the all clear by his own personal doctor. It seems that Vince McMahon et al see his future away from being a competitor between the ropes.

The leader of the Yes movement spoke to Singaporean publication PassThePopcorn while on a promotional tour where he claimed to have been offered a new role.

“They [WWE] asked me a bunch of stuff of what I’d like to do like announce or be a trainer at NXT,” said Bryan. “I’m sure at some point in my life I would, but right now it would be too soon.”

If he was to be refused a return to the ring, Bryan has previously said that he could leave for pastures new. Singapore based The New Paper ran an interview with D-Bry where he said: “I think it could be the end of my career in WWE, but I don’t think it will be the end of my career.”

Given what a draw he is now, this would presumably mean a return to Japan as neither ROH, TNA and the like could afford him. At the end of the day WWE are looking out for one of their biggest star’s health. Even though you probably want to, you can’t begrudge them for that.

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