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December 4, 2015

Sean Waltman Explains Why The Kliq Recruited Triple H

Sean Waltman spoke with WrestleTalk in a new interview discussing the Kliq and Triple H joining them. Check out the video and highlights below:

On what the Kliq saw in Triple H: “Obviously we didn’t predict exactly what would (happen), but immediately it was like ‘let’s gobble him up.’ He was riding with Killer Kowalski every night, who was his teacher. He was trying to be cool to Walter (Kowalski). We were like ‘you gotta drop Walter, you’re coming with us.’ We needed a designated driver anyway.”

On what attracted the group to him: “Level headed, focused. His determination, drive. His learning curve, his aptitude. When he first got there, he was still the student, but the way he soaked up all the knowledge and got better, it was really light years ahead of how most people do it.”

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