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January 6, 2016

Big Backstage Update on Why James Storm Did Not Sign with WWE NXT, Details on Storm’s New TNA Deal, Possible WWE Return & More

As noted, James Storm made his official return to TNA last night at the Impact Wrestling debut on POP TV.

According to WZ Daily regular and ProWrestlingSheet.com’s Ryan Satin, sources noted that after months of negotiations, WWE was only willing to offer Storm a deal that would earn the former TNA Champion less than $100K a year. TNA, on the other hand, was offering 2 1/2 times more than that.

Money was the motivating factor for Storm, who signed a two year deal with TNA which will also see him get a cut of merchandise sales. The offer from TNA is said to be guaranteed money, and as for WWE, the door remains open for a possible return.

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