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January 19, 2016

Eva Marie Talks Negative Crowd Reaction Affecting Her Mentally, Speaking with Vince & Triple H About Improving, Retiring the Word “Diva”

WWE Diva and Total Divas cast member Eva Marie recently spoke with FanSided.com and below are some interview highlights:

The fan reaction is a big part of your career starting when you first debuted on Raw in 2013. However, when you continued to go out in front of the crowd the reaction was very negative. How do the boos and criticism affect you mentally?

When I first started, definitely. I would be lying if I said it didn’t just because I am human. Walking into the WWE I was brand new; I did not know how things worked. Deep down I wanted everyone to cheer and adore me but this is the WWE where it doesn’t work that way all the time. There’s a good guy and a bad guy, and I am pretty badass bad guy.

Now that I have the training behind me, I think that really shows I do have the skills and talent to become a well-rounded wrestler. I think it goes back to me asking Vince [McMahon] and Triple H on wanting to go back to NXT to hone my craft and learn the ropes. I feel extremely confident when I walk out there now and I embrace the boos and the craziness from the WWE and NXT Universe.

You mentioned speaking with both Vince McMahon and Triple H about your career and what you could do to help your wrestling skill set. Do you think you were brought up too soon to the main roster and that was extra pressure for you to succeed?

I don’t think I was brought up to soon. I mean, everything for me has come in so quickly. I got my developmental deal at the same time “Total Divas” was debuting. I was put in a position with an amazing opportunity and if anybody was given the same, you better take it and run. Did I have the wrestling training behind that? No I didn’t. For me I’ve always been an athlete and wanted to be the best at everything I do. Plus, with NXT and the facilities they offer, I would be silly not to take that on. Look at me now though, I am on the road and continuing to improve each and every day.

Her reaction to Charlotte wanting to retire the word “Diva”:

I mean, at the end of the day we are all women wrestlers. But we also all are entertainers. I feel if they call me a Diva or a wrestler I think it’s the same thing.

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