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January 27, 2016

Former WWE Ref Gives His Observations on his HHH’s Rise to Power

Jimmy Korderas, former WWE referee of 20 years, writes a blog every Wednesday for CSRWrestling.com. Today’s blog gives insight to the evolution of The Game Triple H. Here’s a sample:

The Royal Rumble is in the books and once again it is “time to play the game”. HHH is not only the COO of the company; he is your new WWE World’s Heavyweight Champion. This has wrestling fans almost as divided as the American electorate. (Yes, a Canadian taking a jab at US politics) This direction attained two goals. It generated heat from the target audience, casual fans while the hardcore faithful will be pissed off that the boss, literally made himself the champ. Mission accomplished!

That is not what I want talk about. Today’s blog is not whether or not this was a good decision. My friend and colleague Justin LaBar covered that in a recent article. Instead, I would like to give you my observations on his HHH’s rise to power in the WWE.

From his introduction into the WWE, you could sense that HHH was a deeply focused individual. He poured everything he had into making the most of the blue blood character Hunter Hurst Helmsley. He was and still is a student of the game. He took every opportunity to absorb as much knowledge as he could from legends like Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson and a slew of others. He was the proverbial sponge taking everything in and constantly learning.

One difference between HHH and the majority (if not all) the rest of the roster at that time was that he was never the “partier”. This is not a knock on the roster back then or Hunter but the “Rock Star” lifestyle was prevalent in the 80s and into the 90s. On a recent episode of Legends with JBL, RoadDogg credited Edge and Christian with starting a shift in that dynamic. I would say that HHH was the guy of that era that made it OK to just hang out, or as the other Kliq members often referred to him as, “their designated driver.”

For the rest of Triple H from 1996 on, how he inserted Jimmy into a storyline and more—click here to read.

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