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January 22, 2016

Lex Luger Talks His Relationship With Vince McMahon, Sting's WWE Run, WWE Departure Regrets

On episode 101 of The Ross Report, legendary professional wrestling broadcaster Jim Ross spoke with 'The Total Package' Lex Luger. Among other things, Luger talked about his relationship with Vince McMahon and he shared his thoughts Sting's WWE run.

During the podcast, Luger was asked about his relationship with McMahon. Luger admitted that the two had a very close relationship at one point and regrets how he handled his WWE departure. Luger said he did not handle leaving WWE to return to WCW with the honesty and integrity that he should have.

"We actually got along very well. We used to work out together. He had me over [at] the swimming pool at his house and made us tuna fish sandwiches. I think that my unannounced return to WCW, I think in the way I handled that, without giving notice and everything, which, of course, in retrospect now, I never would have done that if we had do overs in life, right Jim? I never would have handled it that way. But the way I did that, really, I felt hurt him deeply [and] personally, as much as anything. And we had a very good relationship. He really gave me great opportunities while I was there [in WWE] and I think he was truly shocked when I walked out there at Mall of America [on WCW Monday Nitro] and didn't even give him the courtesy of a phone call. No doubt about it."

Luger claimed that he and McMahon have remained cordial and McMahon would periodically check in on Luger to see how he was doing and ask whether he needed anything.

"We spoke a couple of times. We've bumped into each other at the airport and he's, of course, very polite. He shook my hand and even to show you what kind of guy he is, he checked up on me at my worst times through a mutual friend." Luger added, "so that shows you a lot about his character and what Vince McMahon is all about."

When asked for his thoughts on Sting's move to WWE, Luger stated that he would have liked his longtime friend have had a better win-loss record in WWE, but Luger remains happy for Sting.

"Sting has had such an iconic career, as they say, and he's such a great personal friend to me and he always was, no matter what, even through the worst of times. What a friend." Luger continued, "I'm so thankful for his friendship. I was very, very excited for him to go there [to WWE]. No matter if he won or lost, I thought, 'what a great way to cap off and finish just an amazing career'. Not too many guys have had a career like him and I was and still am very excited that he made the decision to get involved [with WWE] and have some matches in WWE. It was about the only thing he hadn't done."

In addition to these topics, Luger discussed his present health status, his run with The Four Horsemen, and more. Click here for the podcast.

source: The Ross Report and Wrestling Inc.

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