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January 23, 2016

Lucha Underground Producer Claims WWE Tried To Shut Them Down

Chris DeJoseph*, co-executive producer of Lucha Underground, was a guest on Wresting Mayhem Show 503, and he revealed how WWE came in pursuit of their entire roster and shut them down:

“They (WWE) basically tried to sign our entire roster, and pretty much tried to shut us down.”

“I think that’s what they (WWE) want to do – just take everybody, sign them into NXT and then wipe out companies. I know they tried to do it with TNA, and I’m sure Ring Of Honor too. It makes sense. They pay someone $750/week, put them into developmental and in the meantime, they try to take away a company’s roster. And they can just leave those guys down in NXT.”

Chris DeJoseph was Big Dick Johnson/former WWE creative writter.

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