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January 27, 2016

Stephanie McMahon Recognized as a “Wonder Woman” by Multichannel News for 2016

The 18th annual Wonder Women celebration, honoring female executives at the forefront of cable television and communications, will be held at The Hilton New York on March 10, 2016.

The gala luncheon, co-hosted by the New York chapter of Women in Cable Telecommunications and featuring prominent TV personalities as presenters, has honored more than 200 women over the years, highlighting their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond. All honorees have paved the way for younger generations of women in a multi-faceted career sector.

This year’s Wonder Women class will speak about how they have excelled in their careers, the mentors and family members who’ve helped them and the value they place on helping others to achieve success, as well.

The class of 2016 will be profiled in the Jan. 25 edition of Multichannel News. A separate class of Women to Watch will also presented in that issue of the magazine and at the March 10th luncheon.

Linda McMahon received the same recognition for her role as CEO of WWE in 2007.

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