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January 29, 2016

Top TNA Knockout Reportedly Sent Home From UK Tour Following Incident with Matt Hardy’s Wife

According to PWInsider.com, TNA Knockout Awesome Kong was sent home from TNA’s current UK tour following a locker room incident with Matt Hardy’s wife, Reby Sky.

Sources reportedly informed PWInsider that Awesome Kong was not happy with Reby Sky dressing in the same locker room as the rest of the Knockouts, so she threw Sky’s bag out of the locker room.

The report added that different sources claimed two somewhat different versions of the story. One being that Kong unsuccessfully made a run at Sky, and the other is that Kong grabbed Sky by the neck before being restrained by Pat Kenney.

Following the incident, Kong was subsequently sent home and her long-term future in TNA is said to be in question, as Reby and Matt’s son Maxel was near the incident when it took place.

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