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January 18, 2016

WWE Apologizes To Fans In India For 1998 Segment With Kurt Angle Disrespecting Indian Flag

WebIndia has an article with WWE International President Gerrit Meier apologizing for a segment in 1998 where Kurt Angle took the Indian flag and wiped his nose with it on WWE TV.

Going into last week's WWE live events in New Delhi, India, there were calls by Hindu group Aadvanshi Veer Sena and some local wrestlers to protest WWE's arrival, because of the 1998 segment, unless WWE apologized. Meier issued the following comments:

"This case is about 20-years-ago and we did not deliberately did that. We have a great respect for the country. We are sorry that it happened, but we had no intention of doing it. India is a reputable country and we apologise for this."

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