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February 5, 2016

Awesome Kong Announces Departure From TNA

Following a physical altercation with Matt Hardy's wife Reby Hardy (real name Rebecca Hardy) prior to last Friday's Impact Wrestling taping at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, United Kingdom, Awesome Kong (real name Kia Stevens) has parted ways with TNA.

TNA announced the release of Kong on its official website this afternoon:

Following a physical altercation in the locker room last week during IMPACT WRESTLING's UK Tour, TNA announces today the release of Awesome Kong (Kia Stevens).

"We conducted an investigation and determined releasing Awesome Kong is the appropriate action in this case," said TNA Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Television John Gaburick. "Kong has been a great contributor to TNA and helped solidify the Knockouts as the best female division in professional wrestling. We thank her and wish her well."

Kong addressed her departure from TNA via Twitter, stating, "My time this round in TNA was fun. Time for me to move on to other things. #Released #HeadHeldHigh."

It was reported Wednesday in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the altercation stemmed from bad blood the two had dating back to 2013.

Both women were assigned to the same locker room at the event after changing in separate rooms at shows they both worked. Kong got upset with Hardy and threw her belongings outside of the room. This led to a profanity-laced argument between the two, with Hardy saying she won't be bullied and for Kong to "f*** off."

This infuriated Kong, who allegedly attacked Hardy. She drove her into a concrete wall and began choking her in front of her son, who was only a few feet away.

The altercation was broken up by security personnel and producer Pat Kenney. There were reports that Hardy had visible marks on her neck.

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